“ICTS helped us complete enrollment by cutting our time lines by more than 65% by providing services that began at project launch. Their level of commitment to our success is illustrated in every stage of development and implementation.”
Vice President of Clinical Operations, Biotechnology Firm

Recruitment / Enrollment

High-quality, evaluable patients come from more than just a full funnel.

They are the result of several steps in the Recruitment and Enrollment Continuum.

Centralized Strategies

Global projects require global strategies.  ICTS builds solutions that are truly scalable – across the country and across the globe.

Integrated Centralized Recruitment

  • Perfect Patient Profile
  • Interactive Patient Outreach
    • Search-optimized Website
    • Social Networking
    • Web Video
    • On-line Pre-screening
    • Health portal advertising
  • Traditional Patient Outreach
    • Radio
    • TV & Cable
    • Newspaper
  • Advocacy and Support Groups
  • Patient Forums and Focus Groups
  • Editorial Content
  • Electronic Patient Identification
  • International Operations 

Site OptimizationSM

ICTS diligent planning and implementation is designed to provide sites with the knowledge of best practices and the tools to get the job done quickly.

  • Site OptimizationSM
    • SC Evaluation and Training
    • Enrollment Toolkits
    • Consent Assistance
    • Patient Communication
    • SC and PI Communication
    • Site Buy-in and Motivation

Comprehensive Management

ICTS provides comprehensive management and our extensive expertise helps to reduce your workload and provide the results you need.

  • Comprehensive Project Management
    • Project Tasking and Time Lines
    • Study Team Communication
    • Results and Metrics
    • Site Communication
    • Weekly Enrollment Status
    • Gap Contingency Triggers
    • Customized International Solutions
    • Innovative One-Off Solutions
    • Specific Population Services