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  • February 11 2015

Time to toot our own horn a bit.https://rebelreach.blob.core.windows.net/3884/images/Flu_Ison_VideoX4-png_001.png

ICTS has always been known for meeting aggressive study team deadlines but we had a recent experience that truly tested our metal.  A study team for an acute indication needed in-hospital physicians to be able to access a modular instructional video about the research study and, due to the seasonal nature of the acute condition, we only had two weeks to get the video up on a secure, high resolution web server.  This is to say that we had two weeks from the day of our meeting with the study team, prior to contract, to get the video modules on the web in English.  And another two weeks to subtitle and prepare an international website in 17 additional languages for 20 countries.  Just the discussion that day made me sweat!

From the day of the meeting ICTS had to schedule 2 locations for a high-resolution video shoot, schedule multiple editing personnel and go through multiple rounds of revisions to the final cut of the video.  This includes:

  • Two protocols, one for US, Canada and Mexico...the other for 20 countries, 17 languages plus English, including many in Eastern Europe.
  • ICTS scripting of first draft of the audio and video portions of the video in 3 days
  • Scheduling first location (in hospital) 4 days from our first meeting
  • Editing the script the night before the first location shoot
  • Scheduling of first round of editing beginning day 5 from our meeting (in different state than the shoot)
  • Schedule second-on location shoot for day 6
  • Schedule part two editing to begin on day 7
  • Days 1-13: Build secure log-in, two study central web portal with pages for each study and video links by county.
  • Days 8-12 for editing of video and revisions for both protocols, 7 modules, total (2 study specific for each study, 3 shared with both studies)
  • Day 13 for editing of final cut, conversion of each English module to two formats for web view (Flash® and Windows® Media Viewer) in very high resolution, widescreen view (more than 70 Mb per module).  Translate into Spanish for Mexico.  Subtitle and format for web view in Flash and Media Windows Media Viewer.
  • Day 14:  Upload of all video modules and testing of North America website.  Publish website and send study team link to send to their hospitals in the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Days 14-17:  Translations for 17 additional languages of second study video modules.  Subtitling of 5 modules for each language.
  • Days 17-20:  Receive final videos, convert to Flash® and Windows® Media Viewer formats in very-high-resolution and upload to study website.  Test study website.  Send email to study team for notifications of all hospitals worldwide.

Now, before anyone thinks that this is the typical video production schedule, I need to point out that our average production time without translations is usually about 12-14 weeks.  This includes revisions to the script, scheduling of video shoot and editing and all the other elements of our high definition processing.

The point is...ICTS will deliver the goods to meet your deadlines (no matter how little sleep we get in the process).  If you are up against the wall and need fast, very high quality work, call Gregg today.  You'll be glad you did.