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“When it comes to dedication, ICTS is second to none. Our study was in crisis mode. Everything we tried had failed. ICTS developed a novel approach to physician referral that prevented yet another round of adding investigators.”
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  • November 05 2014

ICTS New Patient Recruitment Tool Unleashes Social Media



ICTS Announces New Patient Recruitment Tactic

Unleashing social media

April 11, 2011 (Raleigh, NC) – ICTS, a strategic clinical trials marketing firm, has a new social media tool that removes the restrictive reigns from social media for clinical trials patient recruitment while maintaining IRB and EC guidelines. This innovative tactic has already been proven as both a vital ingredient in large-scale recruitment programs and as a stand-alone tactic for orphan drug and oncology studies. “As people become more connected on-line, there is an opportunity to tap into the social nature of social media,” says Tom Sturgis, President. “We’ve used social networking techniques for many years on websites such as Facebook and Twitter in North America, and vKontakte, Orkut, QZone and others in many foreign countries. Working within IRB and EC guidelines is always of concern and our SOPs reflect our conservative nature.”

The latest ICTS innovation is a great tool for studies with many local IRB sites and as part of a comprehensive strategy for large-scale studies. This tool serves to jump-start the identification of potential patients as well as provide an incredible solution for orphan drug studies attempting to gain cost efficiencies without the markets-of-scale attributes. The social media tool is able to be set-up and implemented quickly and at a very low cost to sponsors.

When it comes to patient recruitment programs, using social networking as an effective tool, and delighting their clients, ICTS is the best in the industry.


ICTS provides innovative, creative, and targeted solutions for all aspects of the clinical trial process from pre-trial preparation to patient recruitment, retention and compliance and pre-launch transition. The full-service firm utilizes more than 300 contract employees internationally to provide medical communications, patient enrollment feasibility, recruitment strategy, consulting, market research and protocol review, project management, concept design and production, media placement, community resource support, compliance and retention, and more.  The ICTS management team has completed more than 300 successful patient recruitment programs and combines for more than 60 years of active involvement in patient accrual. A successful trial depends on the quality of the underlying recruitment plan and ICTS is dedicated to constructing the right solution based upon each client’s protocol and needs.


Gregg Sweet, VP Strategy and Development

ICTS (Integrated Clinical Trial Services, LLC)

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