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“ICTS study communication is by far the most comprehensive and responsive. The respond to challenges immediately and turn trend signals into results, challenges into solutions.”
Vice President, Clinical Operations, Small Biotech Firm

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  • November 05 2014

Case Study: Informed Consent

  • Rheumatology, 1 ongoing study, 1 new parallel study
    • Current consent rate at 7% and cost of randomized patient at $1,950
    • Very difficult I/E criteria
    • Educated patient population
    • Poly Pharmacy situation with many qualified candidates, requiring wash-out and discontinuation
    • Many coordinators mailing ICF to patients, not seen in person, as SOP
    • Treatment working – consent rate low
  • ICTS Solutions
    • Educational DVD, Modular Format, ICF Companion
    • Standardize delivery to include information about FMS and the IC process and patient communication
    • Study team participation to increase credibility and decrease cost
    • Professional Host to deliver bulk of message
  • Cost:  $228,000 
  • Cost per randomized patient:  $814   New Study: $316
  • Consent rate increase to 20%, New study maintained a 25% rate