“When it comes to dedication, ICTS is second to none. Our study was in crisis mode. Everything we tried had failed. ICTS developed a novel approach to physician referral that prevented yet another round of adding investigators.”
Project Director, Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company

Patient Engagement and Recruitment Tip of the Week 02/11/2019

Your study coordinators are your most important recruitment assets.“Give us tools, support and pre-qualified potential participants”.The role of the study coordinator and/or recruitment coordinator at the investigator site is the most important enrollment asset in your study’s recruitment to enrollment chain. They represent the front line and the most active support for any and all inquiry development tactics your team might employ. They call interested parties for further phone vetting, they ma...

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  • Published February 14

Patient Engagement and Recruitment Tip of the Week 2/4/2019

Avoid industry “buzz” words and clinical language whenever possibleEffective communication is the key element in establishing any relationship or persuasive argument. The use if industry speak and clinical language when producing patient outreach materials can have a dramatic negative effect on your goals for your patient engagement campaign. Avoid using highly clinical language in favor of more easily identifiable language. “Clinical trial”, a term that a very high percentage of the general pub...

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  • Published February 08

ICTS Consulting: Dip your toes in before taking the plunge

“Come on in, the water’s just fine” (Coen Brothers) Many of our clients over the years have taken the route of discovery in terms of what they can do to ensure patient recruitment and enrollment without having to tie themselves to a specific recruitment program at the onset of the study. This can be an eye-opening first step for sponsors who trust that their clinical sites have the resources to enroll the study without dedicating resources at study onset. For as long as we ha...

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  • Published October 09 2018

Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything in this section. Must do better. Here we go! The Magic Bullet in Patient Recruitment: In more than 23 years of running centralized patient recruitment initiatives my business partners and I have never found the so-called “magic bullet”, one tactic solves all issues, strategy. We’ve seen them advertised but have never seen a single tactic that solves all recruitment issues. Although it’s likely obvious to most, w...

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  • Published October 08 2018

Happy New Year

From all of us at ICTS, we hope you have a joyous and prosperous 2018.

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  • Published January 04 2018

Happy Holidays

From all of us at ICTS, may you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.      

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  • Published December 21 2016

Who Killed the QR Code? Are the Alternatives the Next to Die?

The death of QR codes due to phone manufacturers not adopting the technology and failing to include a QR code reader as part of the phone’s built-in app package has been an ever-present discussion in marketing for some time now. Yes, the QR code has died…and, with all things technology based, once proclaimed as dead it STAYS dead. We were early adopters of placing those abstract-art-looking white and black boxes in all of our patient-facing printed materials for our clients&rsquo...

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  • Published April 19 2016

Using Social Media to Extend the Impact of Other Tactics in Patient Recruitment

We are often asked if social media has a real place in patient recruitment. The simple answer is yes. Social media can be an effective part of your recruitment program, from the legal aspects of getting materials approved to the logistics of organic recruitment in a commercialized internet, executing an effective social media program may take some time and effort on your part. However, when done properly, the results can far outweigh the cost of time and money. As we have said, nothing survives...

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  • Published April 19 2016

Season's Greetings from ICTS

From all of us to all of you.  Be joyous, be healthy and be safe. Tom Sturgis, Ken Wallace and Gregg Sweet

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  • Published December 08 2015

Patient Recruitment Questions Every Clinical Team Should Ask When Planning Their Protocol

Ken Wallace, ICTS VP of Clinical Operations and President of Clinical Trial Marketing communications was recently featured in an article in PharmaPhorum.

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  • Published March 04 2015