“When it comes to dedication, ICTS is second to none. Our study was in crisis mode. Everything we tried had failed. ICTS developed a novel approach to physician referral that prevented yet another round of adding investigators.”
Project Director, Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company

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  • October 09 2018

“Come on in, the water’s just fine” (Coen Brothers)

Many of our clients over the years have taken the route of discovery in terms of what they can do to ensure patient recruitment and enrollment without having to tie themselves to a specific recruitment program at the onset of the study. This can be an eye-opening first step for sponsors who trust that their clinical sites have the resources to enroll the study without dedicating resources at study onset.

For as long as we have been in business ICTS consulting has been one of our hallmark tools to assist sponsors in preparing for patient recruitment as an internal function. Helping our clients identify potential short-falls and trigger points in the recruitment chain can lead to a smoother and more timely initiation of recruitment tools when needed.

From simple feasibility assessments to a time-line trigger-based action plan, ICTS can assist you in finding a patient recruitment system that fits your budget without having to commit to a full strategy. Best of all, there is no obligation to hire ICTS as your service provider if and when your team decides to go all-in.