“When it comes to dedication, ICTS is second to none. Our study was in crisis mode. Everything we tried had failed. ICTS developed a novel approach to physician referral that prevented yet another round of adding investigators.”
Project Director, Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company

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  • October 08 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything in this section. Must do better.

Here we go!

The Magic Bullet in Patient Recruitment:

In more than 23 years of running centralized patient recruitment initiatives my business partners and I have never found the so-called “magic bullet”, one tactic solves all issues, strategy. We’ve seen them advertised but have never seen a single tactic that solves all recruitment issues. Although it’s likely obvious to most, we continually feel the need to illustrate that the magic bullet does not exist.

Centralized patient recruitment is a tool box and the solution is always a combination of tools, integrated in functionality and purpose, that, as a whole, results in hitting enrollment objectives. From your study’s website presence, to tactics that drive potential participants to that website, to site support materials and optimization of ICF, and strategies for acute studies with short enrollment windows, our toolbox in growing each and every day. Best of all, ICTS study reports analyze individual tactics for time and cost efficiency as well as provide full campaign metrics.

From full service campaigns to site support to enrollment consulting, ICTS remains flexible so you get the services you need, when you need them.